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At Evaville Interior, we champion the notion that exceptional design goes beyond mere visual appeal—it should seamlessly blend aesthetics, functionality, and environmental responsibility. Our architectural philosophy is built on a profound comprehension of our clients’ requirements and the unique context of each project. Collaborating closely with our clients, we guide them through every stage of the design journey, ensuring the manifestation of their vision in a space that harmoniously marries beauty with practicality.

Evaville Interior is a young dynamic company with a team that has a proven track record delivering to the highest standards for demanding customers. We always strive to exceed customer expectations.

Every project is unique and requires a tailored team approach. On appointment we assign a design director to manage your project and engage specific skills to meet the individual project challenges.

Our dedicated team of professionals, apply international expertise combined with local knowledge to everyday projects, regardless of size or budget; the objective being to ensure that every client brief, no matter how complex, is interpreted into flexible, durable, cost-effective and transparent design solutions, on time and within budget.

All projects are overseen by the Experts to ensure quality of delivery.

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Rupal Srivastava


Rupal Srivastava


Evaville Interior is one of the Best Interior Designers in Delhi NCR. Established in 2018. Evaville Interior Design has flourished. Our reputation as consummate professionals has been earned by specializing in luxury projects for an affluent and highly successful client base. Our focus on this level of project and budget ensures we fully understand the values and expectations of our clients, which is evidenced in the many stunning projects we showcase on our website, and the testimonials provided by our valued customers.

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